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Due to different networks and close contacts the world is literally our oyster. We can help our clients with on-site contacts all across the world – effectively and without fuss. With strong local and global partners, we are ideally equipped for every challenge and every problem that you may have. In tandem with our own expertise and our dynamic and creative working method, you’ll find a reliable partner in us with whom you can weather any storm.

We have particularly good relationships to our direct neighbours, the Netherlands. The Netherlands and Germany are important trading partners. In 2016, Germany received almost 100 billion USD in exports from the Netherlands. This high degree of trading activities prompted Reef to place great emphasis on the Netherlands. With numerous close partners on-site, we ensure the best support for our clients on both sides of the border.

Our Middle East (MENA) Desk has the required insider knowledge when the wind takes us East. As part of a large network specialising in the MENA region we can support our clients capably and legally compliant in their activities in the wider Middle East. Furthermore, we are partners of the Emerging Markets Advisory Group (IsFin).


Beyond the horizon: our large network

The network IR Global connects us to specialist expertise in more than 156 countries all over the world. Together we sail the seven seas and are a force to be reckoned with on a global scale. This global network has over 700 members all over the world, all of them active in the field of law, accounting, finances, and transaction services. 

That makes it the world-wide biggest, certified network of leading companies. The certification process ensures that all connected law firms provide the highest service standards and are committed to ethical networking and customer service. Our membership allows us to provide our clients access to an unrivalled network of licensed consultants in every jurisdiction that fulfils any possible international needs you may have. 

Poppek Law Firm,

Strong partner with sturdy sea legs

In Düsseldorf, our home port, the Poppek Law Firm is yet another strong cooperation partner at our side. Since 1984, the law firm specialising in economic law under the leadership of Reinhold Poppek has been a reliable partner for German medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, the team supports numerous European companies in Germany as well as companies from Russia, India and especially from the Asiatic region. Clients in European countries on the other hand benefit from the associated law firms of Poppek Law in the “Association of Independent European Lawyers” (AIEL).

With more than 40 years of experience, Reinhold Poppek himself is a specialist in legal and economic consultation regarding investment, M&A, shareholding and cooperations, as well as international economic law – especially corporate law and contract law. The law firm is particularly strong when it comes to corporate law, acquisition (M&A), international law, brand and competition law, law of agency, labour law, sales contract law and immigration law. That makes the firm a valuable partner for our motley team on the reef.


You are Capital Partner for Germany

As M&A specialists, we, Reef Attorneys at Law, are partners of the corporate finance company You are Capital from Spain.

As partners, we bring many years of experience in corporate finance to the table. Whether as advisors to investors or as interim managers. We want to help companies realise their full growth potential. In doing so, we are convinced that You are Capital's services can support the growth of many companies in Germany and beyond.

Since its founding in 2018, You are Capital has become a force to be reckoned with in the corporate finance industry.
You Are Capital offers investors the opportunity to invest in companies that focus on innovative solutions for SMEs. The company offers a wide range of customised solutions that enable investors to invest in companies that are disruptive and forward-looking. They also offer investors a wide range of tools to help them diversify their portfolio and maximise their returns.

What distinguishes us together is the close cooperation with our clients with the aim of ensuring the best possible transaction for all parties involved. We offer a wide range of services, including business valuations, strategic advice, due diligence and negotiation support.


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