Thorsten von der Heyde

Thorsten von der Heyde

Thorsten von der Heyde is a tax clerk and certified accountant (IHK) and literally our "tax man". At Reef, he heads the tax and accounting team. With over 30 years of practical experience in advising nationally and internationally active medium-sized companies, such as partnerships, corporations and subsidiaries, he is at home in the areas of accounting, human resources and taxes. He also brings special expertise on board, particularly in advising non-profit organisations.


For me, trust and respectful human interaction are the basis of good cooperation.



The spearhead of our tax team

Thorsten strengthens the international competence of our team in particular with the support of Swiss companies. For many years, he worked as COO for an auditing and tax consulting firm in Germany and Switzerland and was involved in consolidations according to SWISS GAAP. Thorsten also sails particularly unerringly through the shoals of preparing and consolidating annual financial statements for nationally and internationally active companies. His extensive practical experience in dealing with complex accounting processes and efficient system conversions is highly valued by our clients.

The permanent monitoring of purchasing and supply chains in ERP and accounting systems from a tax and practical perspective are just as much a part of Thorsten's daily routine as the regular optimisation of reporting and management information systems. In addition, he is the ideal contact person for questions regarding the application process for Corona aid, start-up advice (start-ups and subsidiaries), personnel advice and payroll processing, concepts for company succession, conversions, tax advice for private individuals and the configuration of interfaces.

Thorsten's areas of expertise


Full speed ahead with client focus, performance and passion

Thorsten's passion for day-to-day business is in no way inferior to his high performance standards. But in his eyes, trust and respectful human interaction form the basis of good cooperation. The needs and expectations of his clients always come first. Regular presence at the client's is just as important to him as client-oriented communication.


Over 30 years of experience in international waters


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